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Freelancer focusing on web design, content creation & social media management

I help small businesses reach out their full potential by pinpointing ideas and finding ways to make them a reality.

what I do

Having a solid brand foundation along with a rich online home and a cohesive visual aesthetic is what will ultimately position your business in the minds of your ideal audience. 

Web design

Let´s team up to design and develop a stunning, one of a kind website that truly reflects your brand while focusing on your business goals and vision so that you are set up for success!

Web design

Your business is nothing without the superb visuals to back it up. Create on-brand photos & videos for your social feeds to build flawless brand recognition. Timeless graphics that you can recycle and reuse throughout the whole evolution of your business.


Recent projects

Looking for custom design?

Need a branding refresh?

Want a customized website?

Hey there

I am Suzy!

I’m a Vancouver-living, content-creating, business-owning gal with a zest for helping others turn their creative passions into a reality. My greatest desire in business is to equip you with the right content creation and mindset resources you need to pursue your creative passions with clarity and confidence. Let’s get you started!

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