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Vánoční balíček

akce platí pouze do 31.12.2020
* zahrnuje cenu hostingu a domény na jeden rok - prodloužení cca 800 czk ročně


includes hosting and domain for one year.

Advanced or small online store

includes hosting and domain for one year.


includes hosting and domain for one year.

Enterprise or
online store

includes hosting and domain for one year.
how it works



We want to get to know what makes you, you. this is where we plant our seeds, getting into the very core of your brand and helping it bloom into its fullest potential. ​



As every plant needs water to grow, every good design requires research to flourish. We make it a priority to get to know your target audience and analyze your brand to get ready and explore every possible visual experience.



After we´ve set the framework, it´s time to make some magic happen. we´ll dive into each visual exploration and start building your digital home the way you´ve always envisioned. After couple rounds of feedback, we´ll refine and ensure it speaks to your audience.



Now we'll launch your site, and provide training materials such as screen recordings, explaining the ins and outs of your site and the build so you know how to properly make updates. If you purchase the monthly management package, there's no need for you to worry as we'll take care of any material for future updates.

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I’m a Vancouver living, content-creating, business-owning gal with a zest for helping others turn their creative passions into a reality. My greatest desire in business is to equip you with the right content creation and mindset resources you need to pursue your creative passions with clarity and confidence. Let’s get you started!

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